Fire Bowl Lamp

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Bring natural light and a sense of regeneration to any space with Unity salts exquisite Himalayan pink salt fire chunks bowl lamp. The lamp is carved from a big chunk of Himalayan salt that forms the bowl and little chunks provide a mellow and pleasant glow. The lamp is a wonderful way to de-stress after a long day, and it also improves air quality by trapping hazardous toxins and pollutants.

Fire chunk bowl salt lamp are also used for massage. Simply take one or 2 chunks at a time and start rubbing them on tensed areas of your body for relief. Besides that it emits negative ions and ionizes the air which has a soothing effect and helps you sleep better at night.

Unity Salt presents genuine Himalayan salt lamps in various exotic and aesthetic ways. Our salt goods are made from Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan, ensuring consumer satisfaction of owning pure Himalayan rock salt items

Weight 5-15 kg


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