Natural Salt Chunks

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  • Natural salt chunks come from rock salt mines and are unprocessed. Salt chunks, from pebbles to blocks, may be utilized for numerous purposes.

    Home design and gardening employ natural salt chunks. They may decorate gardens, rock or water gardens, and other outdoor settings. Natural salt pieces are also used for healing. They may assist with respiratory and skin disorders.

  • Place Himalayan salt rocks in light baskets or candle jars for a beautiful salt lamp that makes an attractive and functional centrepiece in any room.
  • Mined from genuine, organic Himalayan pink salt deposits and brought to you from Pakistan with no additional processing or treatment.
  • Each salt crystal naturally draws in moisture and pollutants from the air, ionizing it as it cleans!
  • Neutralizes excessive positive ions that are generated by electromagnetic radiation from appliances around the home.


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