• Asthma is the most prevalent chronic illness in children and is a serious non communicable disease (NCD) that affects both children and adult
  • Asthma is the most prevalent chronic illness in children and is a serious noncommunicable disease (NCD) that affects both children and adults.
  • Asthma can be cured with inhalers but other natural way can be spending time in environments where salt quantity is higher than usual in environments.Learn below how salt can help in curing your asthma.


Does Salt Help in Curing of Asthma?

  • Halotherapy, often known as salt therapy, involves breathing in air that contains minute salt grains to enhance breathing. Halotherapy is regarded as a complementary therapy for conditions of the lungs as asthma, bronchitis, and cough. In spa-like salt chambers, halotherapy is frequently practised.


  • The salt cleanliness and sanitation. It lessens inflammation, which widens the airways. Because it is mucolytic, it aids in the movement of trapped mucus, which lowers the risk of infection. The immune system won’t overreact to asthma/allergy triggers because it increases IgE levels.

How Much Effective is Salt ?

  • Clinical studies have shown that salt treatment works well for treating s mild to moderate asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms and improving functional parameters.
  • The salt is anti-bacterial,  sodium nanoparticles trap bacteria and clean the air. The patient’s lungs then receive this cleansed air, which builds immunity.

How much time could it take to heal ?

  • For long-term results, 10–30 sessions are advised depending on age.
  • The recommended number of sessions each week is two or three.
  • After a period of salt therapy, the majority of patients’ symptoms vanish and their airways return to normal. The effectiveness of the therapy is reportedly 75–98%. The majority of clients take 1-2 salt therapy courses per year. They might return for a few top-up sessions in between.

Asthma Resort At Khewra Salt Mine!

  • On March 26, a 20-bed allergy and asthma resort that cost Rs 10 million and was constructed at the Khewra salt mines was opened.
  • Natural salt mines have long been used as asthma treatments. Asthma sufferers would enter salt mines .It is thought that inhaling incredibly tiny salt crystals might help to clear the airways and prevent mucus formation.

asthama resort kherwa

  • Patients from all over the world travel to Pakistan to a centuries-old salt mine in Khewra that is now providing asthma medication. In salt mine environment is provided which can improve breathing capability of patients.
  • After approximately 120 hours, the patient recovers from asthma condition after breathing in natural salt particles that widen the patient’s respiratory system’s tiny veins.

How can salt lamps help in Curing Asthma?

  • Another prominent claim made by manufacturers of salt lamps is that their products aid in the reduction of respiratory symptoms in people who have asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease . This is partly because the salt lamp is effective at removing irritants.
  • There are numerous claims that salt lamps can elevate mood or enhance relaxation.
  • There are additional reasons why someone might use a salt lamp besides the fact that they are likely to have substantial good effect on their health.Himalayan salt lamps

Designing the interior:

  •  These lamps offer a distinctive appearance that can go well with a person’s home decor.

Enhancing mood:

  • The soft, pinkish light might contribute to the establishment of a relaxing environment, by means of as a nightlight. In place of brighter lights at home in the evening, this dimmer illumination can aid in facilitating sleep.

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